DPR have completed a commercial roof repair to a flat roof on the rear single storey outshot of H Samuels store in Barnsley. They were called out to the shop after a leak was discovered in the rear of the building. After a full site survey, completed by DPR, they discovered that the existing flat roof cover was defective and needed to be replaced. After initial clearing and cleaning down of the roof surface the project involved applying a quality primer solution, fitting 2 layers of a polyester based torch on felt system and a final glass fibre resin compound coating. This would ensure water tightness to the roof. Due to security measures at the premises DPR were required to erect a scaffolding tower for access to the roof.

Torch on felt is a very durable flat roof waterproofing system which not only looks good but has a good life expectancy. The membrane has a covering which is heated with a gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while still hot. This results in an exceptionally secure bond. The polyester material means the felt can stretch which allows for the forces of expansion and contraction put on it throughout the year.