After announcing earlier this year that we had started working with Unity Housing in Leeds, we have continued to provide roofing support to the association.

Over the past month we have completed a number of full house re-roof programmes, many gutter repairs and replacement jobs for the company, as well as regular clearance and maintenance.

We have also conducted surveys on behalf of the Association, at their request, across many areas of Leeds, making our recommendations as to why roofing problems may occur. Some of the most common issues we have come across include missing tiles, cracked guttering and chimney stack movement.

DPR is delighted to be working for an association like Unity Housing in Leeds. Our ability to be on sites within 24 hours, complete the work to the highest of standards and delight the customer has enabled us to carry out more and more work for the Association, and we look forward to enhancing our working relationship with them. As well as completing domestic jobs we have also completed some commercial roofing works too.

The partnership we have with Unity Housing, we also have with many other clients in the Yorkshire region, providing schedule maintenance works on their buildings. If you too require regular maintenance roof repair works and need an established and accredited roofing company to carry out the work, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today.

Whether you need, roof repairs looked at, regular gutter clearance like Unity, or just want to know you can call us in an emergency, we have a package for you!