DPR’s Wakefield roofers undertook one of their biggest domestic roofing jobs at a property in Mirfield which required extensive repair and replacement work

Following a requested inspection of a suspected damaged roof, DPR were instructed to repair a leaking soil stack pipe and replace the property’s damaged flat roof coverings.

Leaking soil stack pipe

To repair the leaking soil stack pipe we removed the deteriorated felt and sealant around the pipe and applied Bitumen Primer.

We then sealed the repair with a layer of Torch On Green Mineral Felt to stop further water penetration.

Rear extension flat roof coverings

We then set about repairing the flat roof coverings on the rear extension by fitting a superior fibreglass roof with a 20 year guarantee. This involved:

  • Stripping all felt finish and timber decking boards.
  • Fitting specialist decking boards with tongue and groove to all areas.
  • Fitting of bespoke pre-made fibreglass trims to the roof perimeter and applying a new resin coat and fibreglass matting to all junctions.
  • Cleaning the roof decking of all dust and applying a laminate resin coat in conjunction with high quality fibre glass matting to bind in with the pre-fitted trims.
  • Application of a specially formulated topcoat to the entire roof area and trims to make a seamless watertight seal.

Though this type of new roof comes with a 20 year guarantee it will typically have a life expectancy of fifty years from fitment date.