The DPR Roofing team has recently completed major gutter clearance works on the catering Building within the Wakefield College Campus.

The building, which is over 30 years old, had never had the gutters cleaned and this had led to almost two tonnes worth of debris and silt build up removed. Such was the volume of debris collected inside the large gutters, the system had become redundant and provided no safe way for water removal off the roof at all.

As you can imagine with over thirty years of debris collected inside, the gutters were completely blocked and this had caused excess weight on the gutters too. The DPR team carried out a full inspection and repair job on any of the guttering which required immediate attention whilst clearing them out. Further works are needed and a report has been sent in for such.

The debris and silt was not just confined to the guttering however as it had started to grow up the roof. This issue was only highlighted as water had begun to run into the building. Usually this would be far sooner but due to the large overhang on the building, the gutters were able to get into a poor state before anyone even noticed there was a problem.

For safety reasons, our team worked on a weekend to clear the debris (ensuring there was no risk to students at all times).
DPR Ltd has recommended many different gutter clearance works over the past few months as more and more businesses become foul to their lack of maintenance. Checking your gutters periodically should be part of any building maintenance plan for both commercial and domestic buildings. This can significantly reduce the impact of having a damp patch forming within your home, or guttering failing due to excess weight.

If you would like to know more about the guttering packages our DPR Roofing team offer, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who can discuss your individual needs.