DPR provide roofing services to commercial clients all over the Yorkshire area. We work with a number of commercial clients, each of which chooses DPR due to different reasons. But, one of our most recent clients, Ginetta, chose us due to our reputation of working quickly and carefully.

Ginetta are based in Leeds and manufacture quality racing cars. They have a fantastic reputation on the world racing circuit and their cars have helped drivers from all over attain podium finishes. They are also reputed as helping put British racing, and British racing cars, back on the map.

So when we received a call to carry out some work on their headquarters we knew this job would require something special from us.

Firstly we knew we had to attend the job quickly. Water was dripping in from the roof directly onto the factory floor where the cars were being manufactured. This posed a serious health and safety risk but it also put the cars production at risk. Water is a corrosive liquid, and if it dripped on the cars before they were finished it could cause damage, costing Ginetta both time and money.

Then we knew we had to be careful. Of course the team at DPR always work to the highest of standards and adhere to all health and safety regulations but when working above cars that cost in excess of £220,000 you tend to act super careful, particularly if you are a car lover which we all are here.

But, nevertheless, we got the work done and repaired all the leaks without causing a single bit of upset to the production workers below. Ginetta can rest easy knowing their roof is once again water tight, and ready for next seasons challenges.


If you are having roofing troubles on your commercial property then just call DPR on 0113 335 0043.