Roof ventilation is an important part of roofing, as ventilation will extend the life of a roof and reduce problems caused by the temperature difference between the roof space and the outside air. Proper ventilation will remove moisture and heat from the attic which when trapped can raise energy costs and damage roof structures as well as personal items located inside the roof. DPR recently completed a project in Pontefract which involved the installation of four specialist roof ventilation units which have created an undisturbed air flow throughout the roof void of the property.

Whilst completing this project DPR were also asked to inspect the chimney stack as the occupants were concerned about its condition. On inspection it could be seen that the pointing of the chimney stack and flaunching of the chimney top was defective and could cause potential problems in the future. DPR cleaned down and repointed the chimney stack and re-flaunched the chimney top to ensure water tightness. Flaunching is the mortar base holding the chimney pot in position on top of the chimney stack.