DPR Roofing recently undertook a roof repair project for a customer in Hoyland, Barnsley. They were contacted as the property owner expressed concerns about the condition of her roof and requested DPR’s roofers attend and complete a thorough roof survey.

The roof survey revealed various defects on the existing roof and DPR recommended roof repairs in order to ensure the roof would not be susceptible to further damage caused by bad weather and that the property would not be affected by water penetration.

The resulting project involved raking out loose and defective verge pointing and ridge pointing and repointing this area back to good using a quality roofing grade mortar. The roofers then removed and replaced damaged roof slates which could cause leakage. They used quality second hand slate which was fixed with code four lead straps and galvanised fixings. DPR ensured all resultant rubble from the works was removed from the site.

If you would like to discuss any roofing problems, or are concerned about a roof repair, contact DPR Roofing Barnsley on 01226 670008.