DPR’s domestic roofing team completed an intricate repair job in Wakefield last month, carrying out a tiled roof repair on the outskirts of the city on a semi-detached house.

The homeowner had been reporting leaking from their roof and after a comprehensive survey had been carried out by our highly qualifies surveyors, it was agreed that the whole roof would need re-tiling as water was gaining access through many different gaps and holes. The roof was quite old and some of tiles had begun to become raised also, with one tile even missing.

It was important that the work was undertaken quickly and professionally so that more damage was not created to the inside of the home, but at the same time everything had to be completed thoroughly. To conform to the most up to date health and safety policies scaffolding had to be erected to roof elevations for the work, due to the current height regulations.

In total, our team had ten different stages of the work to be carried out, which are listed below:

• The stripping of external roof covering, ridge tiles and old flashings, to be disposed of correctly in hired skip. Also Strip down old roof lattes and dispose of into hired skip.
• Clean down all structural roof timbers and de-nail all rafters.
• Report to the client any visible deficiencies in any timbers that may need attention and take instruction on works after consultation. (This ensures that any timber damage which could not be seen during the survey is also picked up on and repaired properly)
• Fit new quality BNS747 breathable under tile felt/membrane.
• Fit new industrial grade pre-treated timber battens (lattes).
• Fit new vertical valley joint with adjoining property. This is a purpose made fibre glass valley trough that allows the perfect mating of two different roof coverings between a two or more properties.
• Fit new quality concrete interlocking roof tiles of Marley Modern type.
• Fit new Code 4 leadwork to chimneystack abutments.
• Fit new ridge tiles to new mortar bedding and point flush to same.
• We will remove all resultant rubble from above works to a hired skip on site or we will transport the waste via our own vehicles to a waste control site or our own premises sited skip.

The work was carried out professionally at minimal disruption to the homeowner and their neighbours. The homeowner was delighted at the quality of the finished roof and was pleased that at all times we kept them informed on the work we were carrying out and at what stage of the process we were at.

If you should require a roof repair in Wakefield and be seeking a professional company to provide you a quote, please consider DPR Roofing. We have a great pricing structure, multiple years experience and use the very best methods to provide watertight and strong roofs for your home.

For more information or to talk to one of our team, please call us on 01924 640019