DPR’s leading Yorkshire roofers came to the rescue of a family last month who had a leaking and under used conservatory at the back of their house. The family complained that they could not use their space, and as it was not fully insulated, provided very little enjoyment as it was either too warm in the summer or to cold and wet in the winter.

The couple were also annoyed as despite the efforts of a renowned local conservatory company to rectify the leaking roof, a solution could not be achieved. This meant that from day one they had a space which had cost them a lot of money and currently offered little enjoyment.

After the initial survey had been carried out by our qualified surveyors, a super GRP roof was recommended along with 3 Velux windows complete with thermal blinds and insect screens. This was decided using professional expertise and also taking onboard the couple’s personal preferences with the blinds being use to help create comfortable living inside. The insect screens were also added to allow them to enjoy fresh air whilst not being bugged by pests at the same time.

The whole conservatory was fully rebuilt by DPR to a highly insulated and watertight extension, much to the delight of the customers. The customer’s, who are very energy conscious, also had to have their solar panels partially removed by our staff during the build, and then refitted after the roof was completed.

The whole work took just two weeks and in just 10 days we turned this project round to a smart finish and a room of the house that is now a pleasure to relax in for the owners.

If you are in a similar situation and require our roofers to come to your home and solve a leaking roof, or help provide a more usable space within your home, please call us today. Our specialist roofing team have the skills in flat, pitched and tiled roofing to carry out comprehensive roofing work effectively and efficiently every time.

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