Roofers at DPR Roofing (Leeds) Ltd see a wide variety of flat roof problems and as a result of more than 20 years of repairing flat roofs, they are in a position to offer some advice to flat roof owners within the Leeds area.

Whether your flat roof is on a small domestic building, or a large commercial one, Leeds roofers DPR have the experience and skill to provide a first class roofing repair service for flat roofs in Leeds.

DPR Roofing (Leeds) Ltd advises that it is important that flat roofs should be regularly inspected for damage or leaks, especially after prolonged periods of cold, hot, or wet weather, or after a sudden bout of extreme weather conditions. Any signs of damage should be attended to promptly.

Common problems to look out for include:

1. Lack of sufficient drainage to prevent standing water. Even a flat roof should have a small slope, and efficient guttering or drainage, which should be maintained and kept clear of debris. Any standing water should be investigated promptly to avoid damage to the fabric of the flat roof. Local Leeds roofing company, DPR, is experienced in repairs and maintenance of all types of flat roof fabric and can offer an advice service to Leeds flat roof owners to deal with standing water problems.

2. Defects in the flashing, or the sealing strips. Movement of parts of the flat roof due to alternating hot and cold weather causing expansion and contraction places stresses on seams. The seals at the edges of the flat roof, and those covering any joints in the roof fabric must be watertight, or leaks will occur. The soundness of the flashing, and joints, should be regularly checked, and any leaks should be dealt with immediately. Obvious damage, even if not leaking, should be investigated. DPR Roofing offers an efficient roof repair service to leaking or damaged flashing throughout the Leeds area.

3. Damage to fabric caused by water ingress under the top layer of fabric, causing a ‘blistering’ effect. This is a common problem dealt with by DPR Roofing for Leeds flat roof owners, and all types of flat roof fabric can be repaired or replaced if damaged in this way, but action should be taken swiftly to prevent extensive leaking and damage to interior ceiling finishes.

4. Wear and damage to external surfaces caused by weather or items landing on the roof, or by walking on the roof. DPR Roofing, Leeds, recommend that only an experienced roofer should carry out roof repairs, to avoid possible damage to roof surfaces.

All these common problems require the immediate services of a competent roofer. Owners of flat roofs who are looking for roofing services in Leeds can be confident that a professional flat roof repair service is available from DPR Roofing (Leeds) Ltd, so to arrange for roofing repairs in the Leeds area, or to arrange for a professional to inspect your flat roof, or just to ask advice, telephone DPR Roofing (Leeds) Ltd on 0113 3470918.