DPR Roofing Huddersfield have recently completed a commercial roof repair project at a branch of the sportswear store Footlocker in Huddersfield.

DPR roofers used a powered access boom to complete the roof survey and emergency roof repairs at the premises.  These all took place on a Sunday for health and safety reasons due to a lack of pedestrians in the area on that day.

The repair project involved removal of damaged slates which could cause leakage and replacement with good quality slates using code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings.  Refixing of all dislodged slates using code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings.  The roofers also raked out the entire loose and defective ridge pointing as required and repointed it back to good using a roofing grade mortar. Finally they raked out loose and defective pointing to step and apron lead flashings and replugged accordingly, pointing off using a lead mate compound in preference to mortar which cracks due to differential thermal movement of mortar and lead.

Before DPR Roofers left the site all resultant rubble from above works was removed from site and dispose of accordingly.