Lead roofing work is a fine art, and a specialist one too. It is commonly used in churches and listed buildings as it was mainly installed in older buildings, before cheaper materials came into use. Lead has always proven itself to be reliable and durable, a properly fitted lead roof could last more than 100 years. Let’s look at all the benefits you can receive from having lead roofing.


Lead has excellent sealing properties when used with the correct curing sealants. Whenever there is a joint between two surfaces, lead can provide an excellent seal. Lead is also very useful for covering guttering too, helping make a roof 100% water tight.


Lead is an extremely flexible material, this makes it excellent for tricky shapes that would otherwise not be able to be covered. Lead also expands and contracts depending on the temperature, which as we all know in England is a very useful trait, due to the unpredictable weather.

Corrosion Resistant

Lead is an extremely strong and resistant material and it is resistant to any type of corrosion. This can include pollutions in the atmosphere and the harsh UV rays emitted by the sun. As mentioned before lead is also very good at resisting harsher temperatures so even during the warmer months it is perfectly fine.


Lead can last three times as long as other roofing materials. It is no surprise why lead is used in so many older buildings, and no surprise that they’re still perfectly fine now because they have lead roofing. This also makes lead very cost effective in the long run as it will last an extremely long time and won’t need to be replaced.


Believe it or not but Lead has one of the highest recycling rates in the world, this is a very surprising claim when you think about how many aluminium cans are recycled each day. This is a great contribution to creating a sustainable environment and reducing carbon emissions.

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