A problem with your flat roof can be a nightmare so in today’s blog our leading Huddersfield roofers look into how they can be repaired.

If you have noticed wet spots along the cornices of your flat roof it is likely that water is getting in at the parapet walls, despite no obvious cracks being visible. Yet, while you may have heard that flat roofs are difficult to repair, doing so is not impossible.

Much of the difficulties come from the aforementioned parapets and from the use of asbestos in short, reinforced sheets. This is not a good combination and we would not recommend buying a property with such undesirable traits.

You might consider using polyisocyanurate foam insulation, placing it on the ceiling as an effect remedy to water spots. However, you should also bear in mind, that using thermal insulation like this could also cause heat to build up and actually worsen the problem, especially if the roof is not properly ventilated, which flat roofs must be.

Check whether the reinforced asbestos sheets are still useable, and that they are in fact fibre-reinforced sheets and not the unreinforced – and highly dangerous – asbestos, otherwise they will have to be disposed of according to the regulations of the health and safety act.

If the sheets are okay to continuing using, go forward by removing any previous attempts at waterproofing and re-do the parapet wall from its outside edge, down the wall and on to the reinforced sheets in one continuous band.

We would also recommend re-roofing with metal sheeting of a single length, making sure that you have purchased the correct pitch to complete the job. Alternatively, you could consider changing the design, which will either remove the need for the parapet walls, or require that the sheeting is passed over the walls.

Ultimately then, yes – flat roofs are a pain to repair and you may find that you need the help of professionals. So, if you have a flat roof and live in Huddersfield and need roof repairs or just advice, call now on 01484 290087.