After an eventful winter in which heavy snow, wind and rain battered Leeds, a property in Armley had sustained damage to its roof tiles.

DPR’s Leeds roofers were asked to inspect the damage and carry out repairs to the property on Brooklyn Street.

The team arrived at the house and began erecting the equipment to gain access to the front elevation where most of the damaged tiles were located.

Once on the roof the Leeds roofers removed all of the damaged slates which could cause leaks and replaced them with good quality slates using code 4 lead straps and galvanised fixings, as well as re-fixing all dislodged slates.

Next, DPR personnel raked out all loose and defective pointing before replugging and pointing accordingly using a lead mate compound in preference to mortar which cracks due to differential thermal movement of mortar and lead.

Finally, all rubble was removed from the site and disposed of accordingly to our hired yard skip.