Whether you’re selling or just concerned about your investment, it’s always helpful if you know the value of the property. And it’s important to be aware of which different things affect it. From doors and windows to property extensions and garden space – there are a multitude of factors that can impact your property’s value.
So, what about the roof? Read on as we look at the value impact of a faulty roof.

Property valuation
When valuing a property, estate agents, lenders and surveyors take account of almost everything you can imagine. The location, value of surrounding properties and current market activity are all key considerations.

However, they also have to consider the condition of your property. Is there any damage that future owners will have to rectify? That’s why ‘fixer-uppers’ or project houses sell for far less than other ‘ready-to-use’ properties.

Your property’s condition
As an essential part of your property’s structure, your roof certainly contributes to the condition of your property. For one, a broken roof is something that new owners will want to fix immediately. Otherwise, they could face further damage to the property as water makes its way in from the top.

This is something that can further detract from the value if it’s already taking place. Dampness inside your property will be high on the list for surveyors, as it affects the liveability or useability of the property.

Protect your property’s value
Don’t let your property’s value be diminished by a faulty roof. At DPR Roofing, we provide swift, affordable and long-lasting solutions for roofs across Leeds and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s cracked and loose tiles, guttering splits or roof movement, we can eliminate the problem, so your property’s value is protected.

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