Roofing, as a trade, is getting harder and harder to perform. DPR have been around for a long time, 28 years in fact. This is long enough to see major changes take place in the industry. How things are done now are barely comparable to how they were done when we first started.

There has been a huge push on making all our practices more economical, and eco-friendly. This means a push on efficient practices, but also the implementation of new roofing technologies and materials.

Along with this, there are governing bodies and accreditation providers who constantly adapt and tighten their standards, asking more and more from roofers. This is to say nothing of the health and safety standards now imposed on roofers. These standards are tighter than ever in an attempt to minimise the risk to every practicing roofer in Leeds, and the UK as a whole.

And this is really the crux of the issue – all of these stringent standards serve a very definite purpose: to raise the quality, and safety, of the services that roofers provide.

This is why it is imperative to find a roofer who has dedicated themselves to not only meet these standards, but to exceed them at every turn. If you see a roofer carrying the marks of The Federation of Master Builders, or the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, then you can rest assured that we are capable of working to the highest possible standards of roofing.

Admittedly, roofers such as DPR, who carry these accreditations may cost more than Dave down the road with a set of ladders, but any money you invest at this stage will come back to you further down the line. Your roof, whether it is on a commercial property, or your home, cannot be an area where you try and cut corners and save a few quid. It is too important to the wellbeing of your home, building, and even yourself.

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