Every season we experience here in Huddersfield brings its own unique touch of individuality – whether that be the golden leaves of autumn or the morning frost of winter.

Unfortunately, if you weren’t already aware, the colder months can cause major problems for your guttering. Every year at this time homeowners across the Huddersfield area ring us for help to deal with the effects that ice, snow and wind have on their property.

In the following list, we have compiled a few reasons as to why you should get your gutters looked at before it gets too late:

Keep you and your family safe

When the weather is particularly cold, icicles can form on the bottom of your gutters. As far-fetched as it may sound, these icicles are very dangerous if they fall and hit someone beneath them – over the years there have been several cases where this has happened.

Minimise the risk of roof leaks

If your gutter is clogged with debris, water will simply pool wherever it possibly can. Not only does this mean that your gutter is completely failing to do its job, but it also means that the water will remain on your roof. Even if this is only at the edge, it will absorb and make potential leaks much more likely. This is likely to eventually cause damage to your home and the contents within it.

Save your landscape

Your gutters are pointed down to your drains for a reason – the water flows to where it’s meant to. Water that can’t make its way through a blocked gutter is at risk of spilling out of the sides. This water can then end up being drained directly onto your flowerbeds or other landscape. You don’t want to wake up on Christmas morning to find that your plants are ruined!

Although it’s possible to clear your own gutters, we at DPR Huddersfield advise caution. If you make the decision to inspect your own roof, please ensure that someone is assisting you at all times and that you feel stable. Failing that, there is no harm in ringing our professional team – we are vastly experienced in anything roofing related.

If you need your gutters clearing or want any more information, feel free to call one of our expert Huddersfield roofers on 01484 290 087.