Though it is nearly Christmas, you could argue that the winter weather has yet to kick in properly. However, this isn’t to say that the bad weather isn’t lurking just around the corner and it is exactly this bad weather that can tip your roof from ‘just about hanging in there’ to ‘oh dear the ceiling has fallen through’.

This is why, here at DPR, we recommend that you do a few small things to protect your roof for the harsh months to come.

The first is to check and clear your gutters. The entire point of a good roof design is to catch and control water at the earliest point, guiding it away from where it can do damage and disposing of it down the drain. An integral part of this process is the gutters, they guide the water away from your home and dispose of them down the drain. However if your gutters are blocked then water will ultimately flow where it should not. If you can do it safely, we always advise clearing your gutters so they work properly, otherwise the water can go on to do a lot of damage.

Roofs are quite uniform in nature, especially tiled roofs. It is worth performing a visual inspection of your roof to make sure the tiles are in good condition. Thanks to the uniform nature this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Stand across the street with a pair of binoculars and closely inspect each and every tile. If there is something wrong with one of them it should be fairly obvious.

It is also worth performing a visual inspection of the walls and ceiling inside your house. These are the first places that you will notice damp if there is an issue with your roof. You can also probably trace the issue back to the exact spot in your roof. However, if it has reached this stage then it means you already have a problem in your roof, and chances are you will need a professional like DPR to correct it.

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