According to a leading report released this month, the roofing market has increased significantly, up by 4.5% in 2014 after decline in 2012 and modest growth in 2013.

The growth has been driven mainly by the housing market with new schemes including help to buy and should be increased further with new government initiatives to allow for building on brownfield land. In 2015, the market is set to reach over 6% in growth, and the future is looking positive.

According to the same survey, roof tiles contributed for a large increase in the growth with concrete tiles seeing the biggest increase in value and volume. Roof lights has also seen significant growth too as people look to increase the natural light in their homes. This is also increasing due to more people adding conservatories with roof lights on the rear of their property.

Keith Taylor, director of AMA research, said: "Over the short to medium term we expect reasonable market growth, largely driven by private housebuilding activity, although the end of government&#146s &#146Help to Buy&#146 scheme may be a constraint.

"Other end-use sectors likely to show increased demand are commercial offices, industry and leisure, reflecting expected recovery in the commercial new build sector as well as commitments to further expansion in Advanced Manufacturing and waste management.

"However, cuts to public sector capital investment will continue to have a negative impact, leading to declines in demand for roofing on public sector offices, MoD and healthcare new build works."
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