DPR roofing’s Pontefract roofers were called into urgent action last month when a Pontefract-based business reported water leaking into their facility at various points – but couldn’t quite figure out why.

Finlay Beverages, which specialise in the production, packaging and distribution of tea and coffee products, asked us to carry out a property inspection on the roof of their factory.

Our two man survey team carried out an inspection of the roof and gutters of the ‘tea and coffee building’ and reported:

  • Approximately 320 gutter joints/mitres that are leaking/potentially going to leak.
  • Poor quality repairs to former flue vent outlets using flashband type material which is classed as an inferior and temporary substance and should not be used on this type of finish.
  • Gutters are predominantly blocked to many areas with heavy silt and vegetation growth.
  • Many areas of Fylon GRP roof panels that have poor seals are allowing capillary water ingression.

One of the most common causes of water ingress within buildings is poor maintenance of the gutter system, valleys and parapet walls. Unclean gutters overtime allow a build-up of silt within them, which begins to support vegetation and vermin. This will inevitably lead to the premature breakdown of the building material, but also in addition to this, outlets then become blocked and the water then returns over the eaves to the inside of the building.

Having seen pictures of the survey report the business owner authorised DPR’s Pontefract roofers to carry out the repairs and remove the build-up in the guttering system as soon as possible.

Once on site with the proper tools and equipment, the roofing team began fully cleaning out all the building’s gutters to all elevations of all debris and lowering all waste to ground level for disposal in accordance with current regulations and DPR Roofing Limited Environmental Policy.

Next, all joints of all gutters were sealed with a DPR GRP joint before a base primer coat and DPR high quality fibreglass based gutter compound coating were applied to all joint areas.

The roofers then removed all flashband type material from the flue outlets and replaced it with a glass fibre matting system and bonded compound which offers the ultimate water protection.

Finally, all suspect Fylon GRP sheets were lifted and a new bonded roof compound seal was applied.

This system comes with a three year guarantee and a life expectancy of 20 years plus.

If you need urgent roof repairs on your commercial building or would like DPR to carry out regular maintenance to your roof and guttering system then contact us today.