The key to saving money on roof repairs is to spot them early; in fact by doing so, you could save yourself a fortune. Here are explanations of the different roof types, in addition to a few of the tell-tale warning signs of roofing problems that you should look out for:

Types of roof

The majority of houses are equipped with roofs that are ‘pitched’ (raised), which are covered in either slate or tile. Whereas slate is naturally available, tiles are generally made from either clay or cement.

Cement tiles usually last between 40 and 50 years, and clay tiles a little longer at between 50 and 70 years. Slate is much more hard-wearing and can last up to around 100 years, making it more expensive, although using reclaimed slate could save you money.

Outbuildings, garages, and some extensions are equipped with flat roofs as are some houses and flats. Felt is the most common material used to cover the roof, although newer materials such as fibreglass and PVC are now also used.

Roofing problems to look out for:
…in tiled or slated roofs:

Leaks and/or damp may be a sign that tiles are cracked or have slipped out of position, and is something you should look if high winds or storms have affected your area. If you find that a tile has been blown off your roof, it should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent leaks.

…in flat roofs:
The presence cracks and/or splits around the edges of the roof are a warning sign of greater problems to come, as is sagging; a problem caused by water build-up, meaning that the boards are more likely to break under the weight of the roof. In addition, damp patches on the ceiling are a sign that there may be a tear in your roof, and uneven lumps on the roof are also a sign that repairs are needed.

Roof repairs you can do yourself

You may be able to fix small problems on one-storey buildings yourself, especially if you have decent experience with DIY. Take a look at a previous post on how to replace a roof tile if indeed a tile needs replacing. Also, taking the time to clean out your gutters will help water to flow away, although it must be said that most jobs should be left to professionals.

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