A fourth edition of ‘Health and safety in roof work’ has been published by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) which stresses that the main issues roofers face are falls through fragile roofing materials and falls from unprotected roof edges. In a bid to reduce these kinds of accidents it has encouraged commercial building owners not to place unreasonable demands on roofing projects.

HSE state that roofing works are not solely an issue for construction and roofing firms and that those who own, occupy or have responsibility for a building (and its roof) have an important role to play when procuring roof works.

The guide reads: “Unrealistic building or refurbishment programmes can lead to undue pressure on those carrying out the work. This can make it harder for contractors to plan for safe working, to prepare quality safety method statements and to review and amend systems of work. Clients have an important role here. They must not place unreasonable demands on the project.”

Roof work project clients are required to:

• provide enough time and resource for the project to be delivered safely;
• take steps to make sure that management arrangements are suitable;
• make sure welfare facilities are provided on the site;
• ensure the structure is designed to comply with the Workplace Regulations;
• provide pre-construction information to interested parties;
• check the competence of those whom they appoint; and
• co-operate and co-ordinate activities.

As one of Leeds’ leading roofing contractors DPR looks to work with the client, whether they own a commercial or private building, at every step of a project and is also a member of CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme). For more information contact us on 0113 335 0043.