Pitched Roofs can take a battering during the winter months, as heavy wind and rain causes tiles to break or slip, guttering to fail or gaps to appear.

Homes that are subject to stronger winds and rain on the outskirts of Leeds City Centre can experience roof damage more, so here at DPR, our Leeds Roofers want to tell you what to look out for. Most issues are simple to resolve, or something that just happens and can be repaired quickly, so unless you have a major issue where the roof has collapsed by neglect, there is little that could have been done prior to the problem.

Slipped or broken slates are very common problems during the wet and windy month, as extreme weather fronts get under the tiles, lifting them up and causing them to slip. This can lead to water getting into the building through any gaps, but little damage should be caused and a repair from our roofers will be quick.

If a ridge tile were to break, the cause is usually the mortar holding the ridge tile crumbling and then not being able to hold the tile effectively. To repair this, the ridge tile will need to be completely stripped of any old mortar and then rebidded with fresh mortar. Missing mortar from roof verges can also allow for water to enter a property and the roof space, but again, this is a simple task for our Leeds based roofers who can solve the issue quickly and effectively.

Other issues can be a result of debris being collected in the valleys of a pitched roof, which can lead to cracks or leakages caused by water being unable to drain off the roof properly or moss, which is not usually a problem, becoming an issue regarding drainage.

Loose or damaged guttering can also be a big issue, which is exaggerated during heavy rainfall. Typically, a good clean of the guttering and a re-alignment and check on all the pipes can address the problem easily, whilst a survey on the water damage will also establish any other issues.

Should you have a problem with any of these issues on a regular basis, our Leeds roofers offer a property maintenance service which includes annual roof checks and cleaning of the roof.

For more information about our full range of roofing services, or to report any issue that you want fixed, please contact one of our team in Leeds on 0113 335 0043.