At the beginning of 2016, it already appears that the New Year will bring renewed optimism within the roofing industry. 2015 was a strange year, with a general election, uncertainty on the number of house building projects to be commissioned and much more.

Yet towards the end of the year, the optimism returned after announcements by the government to build over 1 million houses by 2020, a figure that continues to rise. The importance of driving house building growth, coupled with a new found optimism in the construction sector as a whole, has also meant more companies are looking at ways to improve their properties, with roofing and infrastructure two key components.

The unfortunate weather conditions which Yorkshire families have had to deal with recently have also lead to many looking at safeguarding their property further in 2016. Problems caused by the heavy rains include flooding at a ground level, but also roof damage caused by blocked guttering, and damp patches then forming inside as the water find a natural path of escape.

It is not just homeowners who have been unfortunate at this time, with many local businesses also having to count the cost of damages to their property. We spoke about a client in Wakefield last year who had to close for two days whilst we fixed guttering at their property, something which could have been avoided.

Other reasons to be optimistic in 2016 are that more people are looking to develop their homes. In a recent report, it claims that homeowners have more disposable income this year than in many previous years, allowing those to save up and spend on the areas they wish. Whether they are looking to develop their homes for a resale, or to allow them to stay in their property, making changes to roof structures can be crucial.

DPR are very much looking forward to the next few months and will continue to work hard to ensure we meet the requests of our clients, working compassionately at all times. If you require roofing works in the Yorkshire region, please do not hesitate to contact DPR today.