We have been extremely busy recently, and have found ourselves undertaking a lot of large scale commercial works. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have time for anything else. Quite the opposite in fact, if we take a call from anyone we will strive to fit the job in as soon as possible.

Which is exactly what happened with a recent job. We received a call from an elderly gentleman who was concerned about the amount of moss on his roof. After an initial conversation and inspection we sent a few engineers round to help clear the moss away.

It was a relatively simple job, and as soon as they arrived on site the engineers could see why the problem had occurred. The house is in the shade of a large tree. When the leaves fall on the roof they clump and absorb water. They form large piles which they attracts more leaves and the problem snowballs from there.

To clear the moss away we simply used a pressure washer and blasted it all off. Unfortunately, the weight of the moss had stressed and corroded a few tiles which, when we revealed them, were cracked and needed replacing. However, this was a simple job and it wasn’t long before we had the roof fully back up to scratch.

This particular job is the perfect example of why regular inspections and maintenance are important. if the client had cleared his roof more often then he might have never needed to call us. And if he had called us sooner then the tiles might not have cracked. In either situation he could have saved some money.

To find out how DPR can aid you with any roofing issues you may be having just call us on 0113 335 0043.