In a move that has been described as ‘the biggest change to pitched roof fixing requirements for 20 years’, roofers are now required to attach tiles mechanically.

The British Standard BS 5534, which will become mandatory next month, aims to make roofs more secure in the face of extreme weather. Now mortar alone will no longer be deemed sufficient to secure tiles and fittings to a roof – instead, every lap tile is required to be mechanically fixed, with a degree of clipping necessary on most roofs.

On top of bolstering safety due to increasing extreme weathers, the standards update also helps the UK align with European standards. Similarly to what we have seen recently with the Construction Products Regulations, this move is a push to further harmonise principles across the European Union.

As there is some confusion about the timing of the new standard, contractors and specifiers have been advised to consider the implications immediately rather than wait until the end of the month.

Steve Bryceson, technical manager at Marley Eternit, a leading provider of roofing solutions, said: “The revised BS 5534 was announced in August, but there has been a six month crossover period where the two standards have coexisted.

“However, from 1st March all new pitched roofing work using tiles, slates and shingles should be specified to the recommendations of the new standard, BS 5534.”

Being one of Wakefield’s leading domestic and commercial roofing specialists, everyone here at DPR will of course be strictly following the new regulations. Our passion for maintaining the highest possible quality service can be seen on our ‘accreditations’ page, where we outline the bodies that we work with to achieve this.

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