Though the advantages are plenty, here at DPR we know that a new roof is not a small endeavour to be taken lightly.

However, in some cases it is the only course of action to be taken. If a roof deteriorates to a certain extent then repair is pointless and only replacing it will suffice. But how can you tell when you have reached this stage?

At DPR we have over 30 years experience repairing and installing roofs, in this time we have learned how to keep an eye out for a few keys signs that tell us a roof is in need of replacement and remember, replacing a roof is far more preferable than dealing with one after it has failed.

Mr roof is a ripe old 100 years.

A well-built, slate roof, like you see on the majority of homes in Huddersfield will last anywhere up to 100 years. With many terraced homes in the country being built in the 20’s this is a legitimate worry. It is worth venturing into the loft to see if you can ascertain whether it is the original roof or whether it has been replaced in its lifespan.

There are granules in the gutter.

If when clearing the gutter you notice a large amount of silt and debris it means that the tiles themselves may be starting to breakdown, and will soon fail exposing your home quite dramatically. If you do notice debris then contact someone like DPR to offer a second opinion.

The roof is ‘sagging’.

While some may look at this and think it is a design feature, a sagging roof is actually a sign that the underlying structure if failing. One major issue with this is when it goes, it tends to go all at once, which can be truly devastating. If your roof is sagging, it should be a priority to contact a professional as a matter of urgency.


If your roof is displaying any of the above signs then you might want to consider contacting a professional roofing company as soon as possible. Or, if you are worried about something else your roof is doing then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 335 0043, DPR offer free friendly advice by telephone and email.