Whether it’s residential or commercial, it’s always a smart choice to work out the cost of running a property. And it’s a good idea to budget for roofing, which plays a crucial role in keeping your property usable or habitable. The question is – how much should you budget?

Read on as we look at how to calculate the annual roofing cost for your property.

Why it’s tricky

While annual costs for energy can be estimated pretty accurately based on property size and usage, roofing costs are unique to each property. Different locations can change costs, with the surrounding environment sometimes making things more expensive. Nearby trees, for instance, make regular gutter clearing a necessity.

Then there’s the weather. Windy locations or those that experience freezing temperatures on a regular basis will be more testing for roofs. As a result, the roof may require more regular maintenance to keep it prepared for the weather.

There are other factors, like size, access and of course the roof itself. Roofs made using more expensive materials will typically cost more to maintain, especially if replacement materials are required. If a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is required for access, this can also increase the cost.

Start with a quote

The best way to get a rough idea of annual costs is with a site survey and quote. A good roofing contractor will be able to advise you on the state of your roof, which repairs may be required in time and what kind of maintenance your property’s roof will need annually. You will be able to get costs for these jobs and estimate roughly how much to set aside each year.

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