How Much Rain Do We Get in Spring?

We’re all well aware that winter is typically the wettest season in the UK. That’s why, when spring comes around, most people breathe a sigh of relief that the worst is over.

You can look forward to a bit less rain, longer days and warmer temperatures. Not to mention less risk of the weather wreaking havoc on your home.

But just how much does it rain in spring compared to other seasons? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at spring rainfall and what it means for your roof.

Warming up in spring

Based on the meteorological calendar, Spring runs from the start of March to the end of May. Those months have become synonymous with new growth, not least because the rise in temperatures provides the right conditions for most plants to grow.

According to data from the Bingley climate station (nearest to Leeds), the temperature range rises from a nippy 0.3-5.6°C in February to between 1.7 and 8.1°C in March, 3.2-10.7°C in April and 5.9-14.3°C in May.

Spring rainfall

As you might expect, that comes with a drop in rainfall, according to Bingley’s records between 1981 and 2021. In March, the average monthly rainfall amounts to 81.5mm, dropping to 72.9mm in April and 65.2mm in May.

That’s significantly lower than the averages of 100+mm for November, December and January. However, it also makes March the 6th wettest month in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Similarly, March averages 13.4 days of rainfall, with April and May at 11.2. That’s not a huge difference with the wettest months in winter, which typically get around 14-16 rainy days.

The verdict? While spring is always a drier season than winter – and usually autumn too – you can still expect a fair share of rainfall and rainy days.

What does it mean for your roof?

Whatever the season in the UK, it’s important to remember that rain is never ruled out. If you’ve previously had problems with your roof, they won’t simply disappear when winter has passed.

With rain lighter and less frequent, you may notice that leaks stop (or at least stop being visible). But be wary of this, as water may still be seeping in and causing damage to your roof’s structure. That could lead to a harsh reminder of your roof’s problems when the heavy rain of winter returns, and your leaky roof is back with a vengeance.

The good news is that roof repairs are typically easier to arrange once spring arrives. With less rain, spring has fewer days where roofing is ruled out because of the weather. Roofers are usually less busy too, with most of their winter bookings out of the way.

Repair your roof in spring

If you’re looking to get your roof replaced or repaired this spring or summer, DPR Roofing is just a phone call away. Our local Leeds roofers can inspect the damage on your roof and recommend the best course of action, based on over 30 years’ of roofing experience.

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