When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor for your replacements or repairs, there are several factors to consider. One of those is cost, which is prioritised by a number of property owners. They will settle with the cheapest option, disregarding the other, more important aspects.

From insurance and guarantees to local recommendations and reviews, you should make sure to have as much information as possible before choosing a roofing contractor. One factor that you should prioritise above others is the level of experience the company has. But how much should you look for? Keep reading to discover just how much experience you should expect from roofing contractors.

Does experience matter?

Some people think that any trained roofer will have the skill and knowledge to repair or replace your roof. After all, they’ve all had the same training, right? Wrong. While all qualified roofers have the necessary training to carry out basic repairs, they may not have the experience to deal with complex or unique situations.

There are a wide range of different roofing materials, types of roofs and roof issues that need to be fixed, not to mention unique environments and hard-t0-access roofs. Some roofers, especially at the start of their career, may specialise in a certain form of roofing or work only with a particular material.

However, with years in the industry, roofers encounter a variety of different situations, which gives them the knowledge and expertise to carry out almost every aspect of roofing. In short, the longer your roofer has been in the industry, the better.

How much experience should you look for?

So, how much experience should you be expecting? It depends on the company and your roofing needs. If you only need small repairs, for instance, a roofer with a few years’ experience should be able to take care of your problem. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an entire roof replacement or you have a specialist material or technique in mind, you may want to look for companies with twenty or more years’ experience.

As well as taking a contractor’s experience into consideration, you should look for the company’s insurance policy and guarantees that they offer. Insurance and guarantees offer peace of mind that the roofer you’re working with is legitimate and trustworthy. Your roofer should be able to provide written proof of insurance documents, so you can rest assured that you, your property and the roofing company are protected.

Choose DPR Roofing

At DPR Roofing in Leeds, we understand how important it is for contractors to have a comprehensive knowledge of their industry. Fortunately, we have over 30 years’ experience working with homeowners and business owners in the local area. So, whether it’s a new slate roof on your home or a  flat roof for a commercial property, we can provide a reliable, long lasting solution.