Leeds Roofers want everyone to have a happy Christmas so we have compiled a list of four things to do to make sure your roof does not spoil the fun.

From leaves in gutters, to holes and missing tiles, our roofers in Leeds have seen it all and know the tell tale signs which could ruin your Christmas. This year, the harsh weather hasn’t materialised just yet, but when it does, problems to your roof can cause problems to your health.

Detailed below are a few things you can do now so that should a problem arise, we can resolve it quickly. This is good for you because the damage and cost will be far less, as well as ensuring you have a solid roof over your head during the winter months.

• A simple check of the roof from the ground will highlight weather you have any missing or loose titles that could provide entry to water, snow and animals. You are looking for areas where the tile formation looks out of place, or you can see birds flying in and out of a hole. Should you be able to gain access to the roof via a ladder, check around the property and take notes of anything that may be cause for concern.
Check your guttering! Many problems fester from not having clear gutters and as the leaves have started to fall off across the Leeds area in the recent days, they could have ended up in yours. A pair of gloves and a black bag is all you need and just go round the gutters. If you have guttering on your garage also check this area.
• Get up in the roof and see if there are any damp patches forming on the inside. Unfortunately damp patches never usually form where the gap is, but you may be able to trace it to a hole or point within the roof.
• Finally, if you notice anything fall off the roof, or bits of the roof on the floor, do not hesitate to contact one of our team. Although the bits may be small, this could provide a gap and weak point that can cause severe damage. The quicker you act the faster and more effective our team can solve your roof issues.

These are just a few things to look out for this Christmas to hopefully prevent you having an unhappy festive period. If however you do notice any issues with your roof, please call us on 0113 335 0043.

From roof repairs, to flat roof repairs, our team are able to provide a complete package.