Green roofs are now commonly used in architecture across the globe, whether built for residential, commercial, or public use. Yet around the world, such eco-friendly roof designs can be found in some of the most weird and unforeseen places. Here are five green roof designs or Leeds roofers have found:

1) On a bus shelter

Perhaps one of the very last places that might expect to find a grass-laden roof, there are actually many around the world, with perhaps the most famous being those in San Francisco.

2) On secret houses on a pond

From a distance, this hidden cluster of houses in Switzerland takes the appearance of a hilly landscape, albeit one equipped with curious-looking white vents. In actual fact, the houses – designed by Vetsch Architektur – have green roofs which are capable of supporting the growth of edible vegetation, and are situated in the middle of a privately-owned pond.

3) On an entrance to a subway

Though controversial with residents of the area, the Barclays Center features a sedum-planted subway entrance.

4) On a taxi

One of the functions of green roofs is that help to keep buildings cooler, so surely this would work with cars too, right? Well, a taxi driver from Beijing known only as Zhishai took it upon himself to plant two square metres of grass on the roof of his taxi and claims that it makes the world of difference…

5) Green roof as a yard

A design by land artist, Mark Merer, his sloping green roof is distinctive for its easy accessibility from the ground, and forms part of his unique pre-fabricated homes, which can be constructed in just two days from insulated panels.

At Leeds Roofs, our Leeds roofers are constantly on the look-out for the latest developments in roofing, and while it may be a while until we see a bus stop with a grass roof in Leeds, it certainly pays to keep abreast of the latest developments, from the ridiculous to the architecturally amazing. So, for roofers who know what’s what, contact us now on 0113 335 0043.