DPR has recently won a contract at Carr Mills Student accommodation in Leeds to carry out much need roof refurbishment on the site.

The building, which accommodates for around 1000 students at Leeds Metropolitan and Leeds University has been unable to use a number of the top floor flats due to the roof damage and had multiple issues on the roof.

Qualified surveyor and managing director of DPR, Darren Rickett conducted a thorough survey of the roof and noticed that just about all of the roof had been installed incorrectly which meant water would gain access internally through capillary action. He also noticed the large amounts of debris/silt/vegetation on the roof which was causing problems to the natural water run off on the site.

The roof had many issues and some more serious technical faults, however one of the main problems was that the water could not effectively run off the roof properly, which then lead to water damage in the flats below.

After speaking to the site manager, who expressed further concerns, Darren was able to put together a plan of action, with the roofing work being split into phases. The site manager also asked if there was a way the roof could be adapted to allow him to authorise future access that was safe. DPR therefore are installing a certified man-safe system that all trained persons are able to use. Maintenance should be no more an issue to this, initially, badly planned roof.

DPR will start the first phase of the work (after man safe-system fitted) in October 2015 with the immediate focus on solving the problems of water damage below. This will include the repairing of some of the roof sheets and the reconnecting of these in the right way so water continues to flow seamlessly to the gutter system. The second phase is scheduled to commence in the early part of 2016.

This work is one of a long line of large roofing projects DPR has completed recently for commercial clients, with our expertise, professionalism and attention to details some of the key factors why people have chosen to use us for their roofing services.

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