DPR has recently repaired a large part of roofing at Wakefield College after vandals climbed onto the roof during the summer holidays.

The College, which had been shut for six weeks for the school holidays, had been vandalised by a group of teenagers who gained access by climbing up the side of the building. The worry is the teenagers have no idea of the injuries they could have caused themselves and should thank themselves lucky that no harm was done to them.

The Wakefield College Estates management team called DPR quickly after noticing the damage and as per our contract with the college, DPR were on site quickly before completing urgent roof repairs.

In total, DPR repaired the following on the site:
• Roof damage to the flat roof and felt
• Broken/removed tiles
• Assessed damage of other areas of the roof where it is believed the vandals had been fooling about.

DPR has had a contract with Wakefield College Estates for over a year and in that time has carried out works at Pontefract Campus, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and the Wakefield Girls High School. This includes scheduled roof repairs, surveys and the ongoing support to the site manager regarding roofing issues.

This recent job is just one of many examples where we have carried out lightening quick roofing repairs on sites after damage, caused by weather or individuals. Other examples include at a Golf course in Yorkshire and at Speedy Hire in Leeds, both these jobs were attended to within a few hours of notice.

For more information on a range of roofing services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact DPR Roofing today. We have a range of commercial contracts with clients in the Yorkshire region and provide them with ongoing support for roofing works. Our team are always on hand to answer questions and we regularly inspect the condition of the roof on site to ensure it remains in fully working order. If any repairs are needed we also recommend the best courses of action.