DPR are in the process of fitting a new roof to the security guards control room at Sheffield Combined Law Courts.

“It is quite bizarre that thieves are stealing the lead roof of the very premises where they will end up if caught” says DPR owner Darren Rickett. He goes on to say “Lead theft from roofs is unfortunately a big problem due to its relative ease to remove and high value to the scrap dealer. Tighter controls by the government to make sure sellers of scrap to the dealers are only paid by bank transfer or cheque has done very little to stop this huge problem”.

The security cabin has had to be closed down for safety due to worries on electrical items.

DPR have had to come up with a design plan that included for a cost effective roof that had no value to would be thieves and installing a simulated lead look effect roof panel system that is bespoke made for the building.

DPR have been involved with other works recently at the York Law Courts due to serous water ingress.

Should you be a property owner and be worried about lead theft, then DPR can design and install you a system that will have no value if taken therefore you will not be left with the trail of destruction these abysmal thieves leave you with.