DPR has always been keen to stress the damage that can be caused to your guttering if left unattended/ uncleaned for a number of years. This problem can be heightened if the bi-products of any manufacturing processes eat away at the gutters causing them to corrode.

We have been working with Leeds Galvanising & Powder Coatings Ltd in Armley for a number of years now, to help them repair their gutters and roofs which had become corroded and also general wear and tear. The chemicals in their processes had eaten at metals in the gutters as well as general blockages and they had broken down the materials so that the gutter no longer remained intact. These rotten gutters were thus useless to take water away from the roof of the building. The large cleaning and repairs task took a week to complete.

It was also recommended that due to the nature of the chemicals released in the building and the damage it can cause to the gutters if they are not cleaned, DPR will now provide an ongoing gutter maintenance service for the company. This will ensure that the impact on the gutters is minimal and they should not require a complete refit of gutters for a long time.

Should you be a commercial landlord or own commercial property and be worried about the state of your gutters, please do speak to one of our gutter cleaning team. It is recommended you get them checked at least twice a year (more in environments where chemicals can rot the guttering) to prevent serious problems. For more advice on guttering please view our guttering page.