DPR Roofing is proud to be providing ongoing roofing support for the Dogs Trust site in Leeds, where hundreds of dogs are cared for and rehomed each year. The pleasing aspect of The Dogs Trust is that a dog is never put to sleep unless necessary due to suffering/injury.

Everyone at DPR understands the great work that the Trust do in providing for dogs who require rehoming and all the team loving going to the site, although it can be quite emotional. Our MD Darren Rickett was surveying there only last week and had a tour of the ‘seemingly lonely’ faced dogs in their trendy cubicles, some with armchairs for comfort. He said he wished he could have them all at his farm home as he is a huge pet lover.

In the past few months we have carried out a number of roof repair jobs on site, including a new flat roof on a section of the building where they keep the kennels. Because of the great work they do, we always try and get to the site within just a few hours to ensure they can continue to provide unbelievable levels of shelter and care to these unwanted dogs.

As a result, the trust and ourselves have now signed into an agreement where they can call us out whenever they have a problem and we will be onsite as soon as possible. This is on a preferential rate to allow the Trust to continue to offer such a high quality level of care for the dogs, and whilst on a call out we will also recommend any immediate works we feel may need doing before they get too serious.

The Dogs Trust are just one of many local organisations who DPR are working with on a contract basis. From educational establishments, through to manufacturing giants and coffee makers, our team are able to offer expert levels of roofing care. All our team are qualified to the highest of standards and we continue to develop our team on a daily basis.

If you are based in Yorkshire and feel that your company could benefit from regular roofing checks on site, maintenance or call out services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.