Roof ventilation is an important part of roofing. Good roofing ventilation will extend the life of the roof and reduce potential problems caused by the temperature difference between the air in the roof space and the air outside. Proper ventilation will remove moisture and heat from the roof space, which when trapped can damage the roof structures as well as personal items stored inside the roof. DPR Roofing Leeds recently completed a project which involved the installation of four specialist roof ventilation units. These units created an undisturbed air flow throughout the roof void of the property.

DPR Roofing Leeds also recommended to this customer that a new ventilation cowl be fitted to their existing chimney pot. A cowl is used to provide good ventilation whilst also gives added protection against wind and rain entry. It can also prohibit any animals or birds from entering the chimney whilst still maintaining flue efficiency. For this customer in Leeds, DPR supplied and fitted a DFE terracotta clay ventilation cowl specifically for a gas fire flue.