Tile roofing is incredibly appealing for many homeowners and has superb aesthetic properties. As expert roofer sin the Leeds area, we know that many homeowners wish to have roof tiles on their home.

Adding them can be expensive and take a long time but they traditionally last up to 100 years and if fitted correctly and maintained properly can cause little problems.

If you are considering adding rood tiles to your roof, there are a few things to consider before you add them. Our specialist Leeds based roofers look at some of the pros.

Duration: Installed in the right climates, roof tiles should, as previously mentioned, last in excess of 100 years. Made from clay and concrete they can withstand the very harshest of weather conditions, from strong sun rays through to snow and hailstones.

Lots of designs: There are many designs and styles to choose from, from more Mediterranean choices through to English traditional looking designs.

Other advantages to having tiled roofing include its ability to withstand impact damage, environmental damage resistance and it can help to regulate the internal temperature of the home.
Whilst there are many benefits to adding tiles, one cannot ignore the high expense they can cost if you are replacing your whole roof. A clay tile system is more expensive than an asphalt roofing system and if you are on a budget.

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