Leeds Roofers have worked hard to attain the industry standard qualifications but here we like to tell all our customers what they really mean.

Today we look at CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) that we have been accredited with for a number of years.

CHAS was originally formed just before the turn of the millennium in 1997 after a number of healthy and safety professionals got together, but it was not launched online until 2001. Its main agenda was to improve the standards of health and safety across the UK as well as reduce the amount of paper work, in duplicated applications for both suppliers and buyers.

In their 16 year existence, over 500 public and private sector organisations have come on board as buyer organisations.

Across the UK, there are thousands of applications for work but you have to meet the buyers health and safety standards, or in other words, be CHAS certified. This makes it far easier to obtain works from these buyers as suppliers compliance is accepted by all CHAS buyers.

Each month thousands of contractors and consultants (suppliers) apply for work with public and private sector organisations (buyers). To win work, they must meet the buyer’s health and safety standards.

CHAS measures applicants on the three following areas:
 Health and safety policy statement;
 Their organisation for health and safety;
 Their specific health and safety arrangements to a standard acceptable to our buyers and to others.

There are many benefits to being involved in CHAS, aside from the ability to obtain more work. They give regular guidance on areas of safety weakness, providing additional help and support, as well as removing the inconsistencies that had been seen when there was no standardised regulation. It also helps save time and resources.

So here is just a basic outline on why we are members of CHAS. We see this as a great way of keeping our personal standards high and in align with the industry.

Leeds Roofs have the training and safety requirements to carry out an array of roofing jobs with the Leeds area, so when you think of roofs, think of Leeds Roofs.